Murder Mystery at Dean Forest Railway

A Murder Mystery Season: trained eyes required!

The Dean Forest Railway is delighted to announce a new departure with a season of two Murder Mysteries in conjunction with After Dark, a company who have been investigating dastardly crimes at venues all round Britain and abroad since 2004.

The first crime will be investigated on Saturday April 6th, when famous golden age detectives are invited to a remote mansion by a reclusive author. They get more than they bargained for as he reveals that one of them is the mysterious thief 'The Falcon'. Before he can reveal which one of them it is, he ends up dead. Can the other detectives uncover the truth before it's too late and discover which one of these super sleuths is really a super villain?

The journey commences at Norchard station, the DFR’s main centre just north of Lydney. Guests (or do we mean detectives? Or do we mean suspects?) will be welcomed at Whistles, the station café on Platform 2, for canapés at 6pm and then whisked off in a steam train to enjoy a two-course meal – and become embroiled in the crime drama unfolding before them.

The trip will take in the delightful forest scenery between Lydney and Parkend, DFR’s northern terminus, before returning through Whitecroft and Norchard and then continuing to the southern terminus at Lydney Junction. After another return trip to Parkend the surviving detectives and suspects will then be taken back to the incident room at Norchard at 9pm.

More details and online booking for the mystery can be found on the DHR website.

A second crime will be uncovered on Saturday October 5th when it’s time to discover Who? What? And Where? after the remains of a body are discovered in the cellar of the Black estate.

It transpires that the victim could only have been killed by one of six people in one of six locations by one of six weapons. Was the local vicar green with envy? Was a movie star seeing red? Or was a local dignitary feeling blue? Get your little grey cells working and see if you can discover the true colours of your suspects and solve this crime.

Will it be like participating in a three-dimensional board game? Will it be all smoke and mirrors? Remember not everything is always as black and white as it seems in the game of murder!

Toot toot!!

6 February 2019


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