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Chepstow Castle

The oldest stone castle in Wales.

Attraction in or near Chepstow


If you think modern doors are long lasting, think again. Chepstow boasts the oldest castle doors in Europe. All wood and all of 800 years old. Until 1962 these doors hung in the main gateway, but are now in safe keeping in the on-site exhibition. Let’s just say it would be nigh on impossible to find a replacement.

The whole site is a lesson in longevity. From around 1067 through to 1690, the castle, almost chameleon-like, changed its appearance as fashions changed in military architecture. More a case of bright architects than bright colours however.

Century after century, the castle grew and grew along its narrow cliff top ridge. The oldest building is the Norman great tower but building work continued well into the 17th-century as medieval battlements were replaced by stronger musket-friendly parapets. Bows and arrows were so last century!


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Today - 26th August 2019
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Living History Weekend

7th September 2019 - 8th September 2019
Discover life over 900 years ago inside Chepstow Castle!

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Open Doors - Chepstow Castle

14th September 2019 - 15th September 2019
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