We are Family


We are Family

Some things are better experienced together. However a day pans out, there will always be some jubilant and funny memories to share when you step out of the routine together. The activities below work well for creating unique family experiences and hopefully, happy memories!

Giant PaddleboardingInspire2Adventure

With room for all the family, but no room for slacking, the megaboard is a true test of teamwork. To successfully navigate down the River Wye everyone must work together or end up making a big splash. The guides will help initiate games, perfect for getting someone in the water and endless fun.

Horse RidingGreenacres Stables

Will anyone dare to tell the ‘long face’ joke about the horse that walks into the bar? Sad jokes aside, Greenacres Stables caters for seasoned riders or a family that has never seen a horse up-close before, with a range of horse-riding experiences for all. From 30-minute hacks for rookie riders up to four-hour excursions for the more experienced riders, a journey on horseback is a liberating way to see the countryside.

Family Archery Session - Borderlands Outdoors

Here’s a great activity for competitive families. The whole family can combine fresh air, learning a new skill and out-scoring one another with this fun family archery session. For those looking to unleash their inner Robin Hood or Marvel’s Hawkeye, there’s a chance to hone bow and arrow skills and receive helpful hints and tips from the qualified archery leader to help get on target. Forest of Dean Adventure also run hour long archery sessions as well as a quick 30-minute session that can be combined with a climb up their 12-metre tower.

FootgolfForest Hills Golf Club

Tee up on the green with a 9-hole game of footgolf. The rules are simple - kick the ball in the hole and the lowest score wins. The whole family can take part in this easy-to-learn but hard to master sport.


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