A great place to walk


Walkers are Welcome

Walkers are Welcome is a national scheme devised to help strengthen a town's reputation as a place for visitors to come to enjoy the outdoors, bringing useful benefits to the local economy. It helps to ensure that footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained in good condition, benefiting local people as well as visitors and it can contribute to local tourism plans and regeneration strategies. It also allows communities to benefit from the regular networking opportunities with other Walkers are Welcome towns, when experiences are shared informally and new ideas discussed.

The Walkers are Welcome scheme is different from most top-down accreditation schemes, in that it has emerged from, and is being promoted by, communities themselves. To become a Walkers are Welcome town involves meeting six criteria.

  • Demonstration of popular local support for the concept. Demonstrated, for example, by signatures of local residents collected on a petition.
  • Formal endorsement of application for WALKERS ARE WELCOME status by local council.
  • Action to ensure that the footpath network is maintained in good condition.
  • Adequate marketing of WALKERS ARE WELCOME status.
  • Encouragement of walking using public transport.
  • Demonstration of mechanisms in place to maintain WALKERS ARE WELCOME status.

The Wye Valley is well represented in the scheme and the following towns and villages have WALKERS ARE WELCOME status - follow the links to see what is happening locally.



With acres of ancient forest and a stunning winding river valley, walking is of course one...