10 top tips for holidaying with teens

  1. Get everyone involved in the holiday planning process so the whole family ‘buy in’ before you set off
  2. Set boundaries for screen time – yes, that includes mum and dad!
  3. Be honest about where there might not be wi-fi – it will be good for everyone to switch off for a while
  4. Embrace teen food and seek places that work for all – wood-fired pizza, gourmet burgers, vegan street food can all be healthy and delicious if you know where to look
  5. Allow extra time for teen social shots/interactions. Grown-ups can take in the view while they do their ‘thing’.
  6. Expect late rises - accompanying adults can take the chance to relax or focus on younger siblings.
  7. Give everyone their space and some down-time after a busy activity-filled day.
  8. Avoid repetition and make sure you include variety and activities to keep teens interested
  9. Stop and take in those precious holiday moments when everyone is enjoying themselves – they grow up all too fast!
  10. Don’t forget to schedule a post-trip get-together to remember the good times - build a photo book to ensure those precious pictures are treasured forever