TV Programmes filmed at Puzzlewood

Da Vinci’s Demons (2013)

Produced by: BBC Worldwide Productions/Fox
Starring: Tom Riley, Gregg Chillin, Eros Vlahos

Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy drama that imagines what Leonardo Da Vinci’s life was like as an adventuring young man. Puzzlewood has been used by the producers of the series to create the look and atmosphere of 15th century South America. The series was created by David Goyer whose other credits include the Blade and Batman film trilogies.

In the episode The Sun and The Moon, DaVinci and his men find themselves in unknown territory. As the episode develops we realize that the adventure is set in the South American jungle. This is where Puzzlewood’s exotic terrain came into its own for the episode. In the episode The Fall from Heaven, Leonardo and Riario escape the troublesome matter of almost being sacrificed.

Wizards Vs Aliens (2014) 

Starring: Starring: Scott Haran, Annette Badland

Wizards vs Aliens is a CBBC adventure programme that follows encounters between a teenage schoolboy hero and the alien, Nekross.

Located in the Forest of Dean, Puzzlewood provided a magical backdrop for this popular children’s TV series.

Tree Fu Tom (Since 2012)

Produced by: Cbeebies
Starring: Tim Whitnall, Sophie Aldred

Tree Fu Tom is a popular children’s show produced by CBeebies. The series offers innovative programs to encourage young children with their movement skills as they copy the magic actions of Tom, a young boy who goes into the woods behind his house where he enters a magical world and becomes a superhero.

Puzzlewood was used to film the magical opening and closing sequences for the animated CBeebies adventure series.


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