The Triangle, Cinderford


Cinderford Town Trail

A discovery walk around Cinderford.  The trail was created by local school pupils researching the history and culture of Cinderford.

The trail follows some of the discoveries that these young people made and is designed to share the treasures that they uncovered with other children, families, residents and visitors.

The route is a three-mile circuit along which you will experience some of the rich heritage of Cinderford.  En route you will also encounter six unique sculptures that identify important features of our town and encourage you to pause for thought.

The trail starts at the Library where crayons and paper are available to make your own brass rubbing map.

The trail takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

About the Sculptures

The family of six distinctive sculptures help to mark the route of the trail. They provide clues to Cinderford’s past and were influenced by the research and imagination of local school children.

  • Map invites visitors to make their own brass rubbing map of the trail.
  • Arrow is a directional relief plate mounted onto the wall of the Soldiers & Sailors Club. 
  • Memorial is a cast iron memorial to Catherine Drew, the Forest Poetess, located adjacent to the entrance to churchyard of St. John the Evangelist.
  • Strata is a textural marker that reflects local geology and references the presence of a former quarry.
  • Ball of Fire symbolises the town’s industrial heritage.
  • Train offers a gentle reminder of past railway activity in Cinderford and the Forest.




With acres of ancient forest and a stunning winding river valley, walking is of course one...