Atlantis (2013-2014)

Produced by: BBC
Starring: Mark Addy, Jack Donnelly

The classic allure of a Greek myth found a place in which to come to life in the BBC series Atlantis. Produced by the creators of Merlin, Atlantis is inspired by Greek mythology and follows the adventures of Jason and friends as they seek to discover the fate of Jason’s father, encountering plenty of villains and monsters on their way.

Puzzlewood features in the first series episode A Girl By Any Other Name. The wood is home to the character Medusa. In the episode The Song of Sirens Hercules visits the malevolent and powerful witch Circe, who transforms him into a pig!

Chepstow, Ninewells (SO583129) and Clearwell Caves also lent its inspiring natural beauty to the production crew during the stages of filming.

In the series opening episode, high stakes adventure define the storyline. Jason ventures into the Clearwell Caves within which the Minotaur is to be found. His mission is to slay the Minotaur and safeguard the people of Atlantis.

For all of its ancient Greek wonder and myth, much of Atlantis was shot on a soundstage at a retrofitted facility in Chepstow,


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